Just wanna make a follow up infos about the items being imported from China.

It is true that most of the items are now coming from China but we have to categorize the suppliers.

1) Branded items – when we talk of BRANDED, these are items originally made from other countries but now they transferred their factory in China due to low labor cost. It does not mean na dahil made in China eh fake or imitation, these are original items manufactured in China but under the strict supervision of the mother company abroad. Let us say for example is yung NIKE shoes are originally made in US but now sa China or Malaysia na ginawa pero still the quality is the same.

2) OEM items (Original Equipment Manufacturer)- these are class A factory in China making good quality products that will adapt to the quality requirements of their clients abroad. Let say, Kemflo is a Taiwan/China based operation but producing all the requirement of a certain Water Company in the United States (Di ko na sasabihin kung anong brand), so kapag bumili ka ng item na yon sa US, sasabihin made in US but in reality OEM products yon. Pero you can really be assured of the quality kasi US standard yon.

3) China brand items – these are really original items made in China but still have maintained the quality standard. Export quality, sabi nga.

4) Generic brands – these are items made in China made by medium size factories that are inconsistent in quality because they depend on the negotiated price. Let’s say if the price of a particular item is 10 USD and then you try to make a bargain of 5 USD then they will make the items that will match the cost of your price.Eto yung mga nakakatakot dahil unpredictable ang performance.

I have been to China for several times that is why I was able to categorize these suppliers. I even went to Las Vegas to attend the WQA exhibit and recently went to Vietnam for the Vietnam Water EXPO.

Sometimes things you don’t know must be discovered for the good of all.Kaya nga sometimes natatawa na lng ako if I will be hearing na uung ESPA 4 JAPAN is mas maganda raw s ESPA 4 CHINA eh technically same Banana yon o di kaya yung PENTEK n made in China is Fake kasi dapat daw made in US.Yung iba nga they kept on mentioning PUREGEN kasi US brand daw, pero I’ve been to PUREGEN company in Shanghai and to tell you, they are just dealer at uung mga filters nila is GENERIC na nilagyan ng PUREGEN brand.

Di sila puwede mag classify as OEM kasi kung sino-sinong factory lang ang gumagawa non. If anyone of you has a concern about the brand, just feel free to contact me and sabihin ko sa inyo kung ok, halos naiikot ko na kasi mga factory at dealers sa China kaya I can tell kung sablay o hindi ang item