A client went to our office and told me about the problem the he was encountering.

He was setting up a water refilling system to his client and he was concern of the unusual sound of the pump head (Procon), kumakalansing daw during the wet run.

He purchased the said Procon from us and he asked me to check the item hoping that it has a factory defect so that he can change the item.

It is a known fact that Procon pumps has no warranty but if proven to have factory defects, our company is giving warranty.

I checked the item and found out that it has no problem but the client insisted to change the item.

I told him if he was able to check the feed volume of water prior to its entry to the pump head and he told me that there is no problem because feed pressure is 50 PSI before the pump head.

To settle the issue, I asked my friend who is also a technician to bring the controversial pump head and to check the feed volume before installation.

As per findings of my friend, the feed volume was just + -3 gpm after the feed solenoid valve but it was more than 6 gpm before the solenoid valve.

When he checked the solenoid valve, it has pipe cement inside that prevents the diaphragm from opening completely. It was due to careless piping that resulted to the dripping of solvent to the solenoid valve.

Since the problem was detected and the solvent was removed,when the controversial pump head was installed and tested, it functioned smoothly and the unusual sound was gone.

My client was telling me that he has been doing the installations for so many years and as per his judgment, he was sure that the pump head has a problem and when he saw what happened, he accepted that it was a feed volume problem.

It does not necessarily mean that since you are doing the installations for so many years, you already know everything, what matters most is for you to do it in the right way even in a short period of time.

We should never stop learning.

Just sharing this experience to all of you.