A client visited our office and ask me these questions:

1) What is Anthracite?
2) What is carbon?
3) Why use Anthracite in MMDF?
4) Why use GAC in carbon tank?
5) What is the difference of Anthracite from Carbon?

These are concerns that he wanted to figure out because he kept on buying these items and used for in his installations but he really don’t know the real essence of what he is doing.

In Marketing parlance, there is what we call as Monkey See, Monkey do technique. If people will see that a particular business is profitable then they will put up the same business. This is the common scenario in Shawrama, Tapsilog, Lugawan, Bilyaran, Nata de Coco and even water refilling stations.

If we are to co-relate this concept, my client before was a technician from a famous water company, but had already closed down, during those times, he was just instructed by his boss to do this, fix that, install this, repair that and so on and so fort.

Since the company has closed down, he has no more job, and in order for him to survive, he took the servicing of the refilling stations that were installed by their company before.

He was able to make good in his career that is why, right now, he is the owner of a small water company with an average monthly purchase of 300k from our company.

He is well versed when it comes to installation per se since it was the very nature of his work before, however, technically and theoretically speaking, he is unfamiliar with the true nature of the systems he is dealing with.

He was taught to do a certain work and he continued doing it up to now without really knowing what he is doing.

This is a common scenario in the water industry, people employed in one company will later put up their own business that is why competition is becoming stiffer and stiffer.

If we are to analyze my client, “Monkey See, Monkey Do principle” came in two forms, one is that, the experience that he had was now adapted for his own installation style, the second one is that, the concept of the business was copied.

My emphasis is about the adoption of previous experience to the present work that led him to ask me about Anthracite and Carbon issues.

I will be discussing these issues next time.